Entry #5

It's been a long time...

2016-09-06 14:44:42 by fizzd

(without you my friend)

Hey someone messaged me to ask if I was okay haha. I'm alive! Sorry for lack of updates here, what's been happening is we've gotten funded for Rhythm Doctor and are making a full version!! And we've started releasing closed beta levels!! There's a mailing list over at rhythmdr.com if you'd like to be part of that, we release one level every month :) And Newgrounds is a huge part of this trajectory, would never have had so much exposure without it! Truly grateful to Tom Fulp and the team - it is incredible how dedicated he is - and you guys of course.

Besides that, I've just gotten older I guess heh. Hope you're well, it would be nice to do a small rhythm game project to release on here again, but its balancing between that and finishing Rhythm Doctor (and A Dance of Fire and Ice too), which are both turning into tiny commercial projects. In any case thank you for following me and playing my stuff. If I'm silent again for an extended period of time don't worry - you can check my twitter for updates and screenshots of things! Till next time!


Good rhythm games you should check out: 'Orbit or beat'


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2016-09-06 16:58:18

Well, we have proof here that Newgrounds is the shit.


2016-09-06 17:17:44

No problem, lots of people go on and off this site. It's good to see people return though!


2017-03-23 01:55:31

Hi i am "someone" :x

Didn't know you had a twitter! I look forward to the full version~
I foillow the development for many years now and i hope it will be a success x3

fizzd responds:

hi someone :D sorry for the late response haha. thank you for following us, hope you'll enjoy the final version!