Here's A 10-Second Rhythm Test

2014-10-27 19:27:47 by fizzd


A Dance of Fire and Ice finally has a solution to pesky calibration issues: a mini game! I'm really happy with it and hope you find some fun in it. All you do is press to the beat, but thanks to statistics and the power of the modern computer, we can extract lots of information about you from that!

Basically put, the minigame checks how spread out your hits are from each other. It does this by guessing which beat you meant to hit, taking the error, and then calculating the standard deviation of all your errors.

If you don't remember Stats class, just know this rule: the way a standard deviation is defined, 95% of your errors are within two standard deviations of the average. So if the standard deviation is 0.01, that means 95% of your hits were within +-0.02 of the average.

For this particular game, in order to get an A rank, the standard deviation required is 0.015 - meaning all your hits have to be within 0.03 seconds of each other. If you're finding it hard, you will most definitely find that you will do better if you hit your key hard so it makes a sound. This game basically confirmed what I always suspected when testing Rhythm Doctor - the harder you slam the more accurate you'll be due to being able to hear the sound of your key. Try it out!


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2015-03-31 13:45:32

How's it going, fizzd person?
Any new news on new games and/or just life in general? C:


2015-10-30 06:22:44

Hello fizzd. Sent a message and also trying to get your game noticed!
My own little campaign.
Will also be making a video playing the newly updated "Dance of Fire and Ice" See keep on the lookout oh and heres a rhythm doctor gameplay :)


2015-10-31 06:17:07

Released a new video and I want you to be the first to comment :)
Loved the new updates on Dance of Fire and Ice.