Second Hardest One-Button Rhythm Game Gets Third Level Pack

2014-10-04 16:17:10 by fizzd

A Dance of Ice and Fire was a 48-hour Ludum Dare entry I did about one and a half months ago. It did pretty well, netting 6th out of a thousand something for Audio. Since then I think i've put in like triple that time into updates.

And this is update number two, adding WORLD THREE!

This new world took ages, and together with that, lots of little features. This is also a little last swansong before my final year of uni which starts in a few days, so updates are gonna drop slower from now on!

Before I go though I'd like to try an experiment - my games have now got about 140,000 plays across the web, thanks largely in part to Newgrounds. That's sort of an insane number, and one that I cannot really envision, and I'm really happy it has got so much reception. I've made next to nothing so far (though one kind soul called Nick Robinson donated 5 dollars last month! My first income ever!! Thanks Nick!), but now I'd like to try a little something!

That something is this: would you be willing to exchange a dollar for a mobile Android version of ADOFAI? No don't tell me, answer with your wallet! Hehe. It's just the same as the game, and is the absolute minimum price Google allows because right now there are three worlds. As more features are added, the price will go up, I think that's fair. Anyway, what this means is that buying it now will have a lot more value as you'll get all the updates free! So yeah, think about it :D And find it on Google Play as soon as I put it up, which should be right now.

Enjoy the new levels! They were really fun to make.


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2014-10-04 21:29:36

hey if you trigger the overload thing on the menu it goes to a weird black screen

fizzd responds:

ah i figured it out, that happens if you've beaten the final level already and go back and trigger it. Haha it's pretty creepy, i should put a jump scare there after it restarts a few times!


2014-10-05 00:54:16

COOL! I'm going to play it alter! :D


2014-10-13 04:33:29

Hey fizzd! A dance of Ice and Fire was a great game, one of the best games i have played in a while. I thought of a idea for an update on it, "easy mode". basically what does is allows you for one more additional chance for those people that aren't really that good at the game(A.K.A people like me). Hope this helps!