Second Hardest One-Button Rhythm Game Gets New Level Pack

2014-09-18 13:07:07 by fizzd

A Dance of Fire and Ice was a game I made for the Ludum Dare 48 hour competition, in which a game had to be made from scratch in 48 hours. Of the 1000+ entries, ADOFAI managed to bag #6 in audio!

And now I've added a second level pack. Enjoy!

While the first focused on the breakbeat, this one focuses solely on hitting the offbeat.

I've received several messages now from other developers telling me they wanted to take the concept and expand it themselves into their own game, if I wasn't going to do anything with it. So I'd just like to say, first thanks for asking, I really appreciate it. Second, I do plan on building this game slowly with updates - and endless mode would be awesome. And third, I can't claim full credit for the idea of one-button traversing - if you enjoyed my game you should totally look at Nintendo's Rhythm Heaven where they had a similar concept! This game was definitely inspired by that one, I wanted to see where I could take my new twist of having two orbiting planets, and I think there is a lot of potential in this version of it! Triangles, hexagons, as some of you have suggested will give really funky rhythms, and I plan on adding those in the next update if I can.

As for Rhythm Doctor, I've been working on the port fairly steadily, though unfortunately I won't have anything new at the end of this summer wrt that. The change has just been porting the entire thing to Haxe, which would then enable mobile versions to be made, so it's more an internal thing. And with uni starting soon, it looks like the project will have to be put on hold again for a while. But one day it will be done, and it will be glorious. If you want me to email you when there's a new level for you to play, there's a form over at that you can fill. Imagine, it will be like Christmas when you see that email. Till next time!


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2014-09-19 12:21:06

Oh wow, why didn't I see this game before!? I love this game so much!
But after for playing it for one hour, I'm stuck on the 2nd song in 1.3x speed.
Hope for new songs and more games from you. :3

fizzd responds:

thanks for playing that far!


2014-09-19 13:06:13

Annd, I also finished all the available Rhythm Doctor levels including the night shifts.
Man, I really am thankful someone like you is here.
You have no freaking idea how much I love Rhythm Heaven too. xD

fizzd responds:

Woohoo! glad to have found another RH fanatic! I wish they would come up with a new one soon. :P