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Rhythm Doctor Update + We won the Student IGFs!

2014-04-09 22:16:43 by fizzd

Hiya NG peeps,

Rhythm Doctor was a game I uploaded in January 2013 as a demo, to really nice reviews on NG! Thank you so much for the support and suggestions so far. We are still working on it, and in case you missed it: we've updated the game with a delicious boss level for you guys. Also, you can now play through the game with two players! Just press Caps Lock during play to toggle, and use the L key for P2. It works much better in the levels with multiple rows - or at least we think so. Would be great to hear your feedback on these new additions :)

In other news, funny story but we won the Independent Games Festival (IGF) Student Showcase award, along with seven other really cool student games, including one Flash one called Westerado which you should check out (cause they are cool guys)! It was a great experience to be able to have a booth at GDC and meet tons of people, and for that we owe it to Newgrounds without whom things would very possibly have turned out a lot different. So, a humble thanks to you guys for not blamming it to hell and for seeing something in our little game! We will be able to work on it full-time again this summer, and thanks to GDC we're working with someone to port the game to the iOS so you can watch out for that too. If we're lucky we'll be able to wrap it all up by the start of the next term of uni in October. Thanks for reading, and here's to the future.


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2014-04-10 05:22:15

Fuckin yes I loved that game and the beats are nice. I unlocked the hidden stage just fuckin around on it just to listen to the beats like 3 months ago and was like whaaaat. But yeah thanks them beats are nice though I have like 3 downloaded lol


2014-04-10 06:21:23

ok so I started from a whole new game and beat everything and Got an S on normal and nightime shifts I only have 4 complaints
1. Why did you get rid of the toggle Miaw Maw unless its a different button now
2. There's still no beating the Bonus nor an ending lol
3. There's no night shift boss stage
4. There's no trophy for getting a perfect on the Boss stage (minor)
But the games still nice I loved the boss fight beat that ish my first try not to brag but I'm gonna brag lol but my biggest let down was the Miaw Maw toggle lol the other ones aren't that bad

fizzd responds:

haha jeez we didn't even know anyone knew of the miaw miaw, we took it out cause we saw some videos where people pressed M by accident. awright I'll put it in the next update just for you :P

and if you're that good at this try tinyurl.com/rdpowah and tinyurl.com/wiprd. the second link is whatever prototype I'm working on at the moment, don't expect it to change in the next month though cause I'm having exams.

also try pressing D in level select to play the boss level double speed, it's a bit buggy ( you can't get a perfect cause the cutscene interrupts the beat) but it's playable! and yes we will make a proper nightshift for that


2014-04-10 16:44:00

still the bug for Chrome?

fizzd responds:

Actually no! Only if you're on an old version of Chrome, sometime in the last few months they've fixed the latency problem in their PepperFlash flash player. Hence the change to "this might not work in Chrome" hehe.


2014-04-19 02:09:14

still looking forward to it. im stalking you for so long now xD

fizzd responds:

Yea I know lol, sorry, I don't get much spare time during term!


2014-07-25 19:45:21

I love that boss you added! It was awesome! The cool thing about the boss is that during the fight, your Wi-Fi glitches out to prevent you from getting the rhythm right. Then halfway through the fight, you find out that a virus caused this, and that's when the fight gets hard! At this point, Wi-Fi glitches are really frequent, even blinding you with statics! This is one epic fight! I wonder what the other bosses will be like in the full version.

fizzd responds:

Thanks! :)


2014-09-01 19:21:08

Hey! I just found rhythm doctor today after playing your ludum dare game, and I gotta say it's awesome that people are still doing new and interesting things with the rhythm genre after that wave of guitar-peripheral-type games came and went.
It's also cool to see someone run with some of the ideas laid out in the rhythm heaven games. I feel like the first RH uncovered a lot of new territory we need to explore as game designers. (Remember that minigame where you flick the coin in the air and then you have to catch it? That was GENIUS.) So yeah it's cool to see someone make some progress in that field.
Hey also have you ever heard of the Frequency series? It's a bit guitar-hero-y, but it's definitely worth checking out if you're into rhythm games. There's this whole theme of building music and having the player's input affect the song as a whole. Really neat stuff. (The second game's better than the first game though, so if you've never heard of it, go with the second one)
Also hey while I'm here, have you given any thought to expanding on the mechanic in Fire and Ice? I was thinking about it and was wondering how certain formations would change the game (for example, a 90 degree turn to vertical blocks would indicate an off-beat section. I think) Or maybe you could try a hexagonal grid and then it would be like a mix of quarter notes and triplets. I dunno you'd have to see how that changes the gameplay but I think it's an interesting idea.
Anyway, real cool games, can't wait to see more.

fizzd responds:

Yes!! Almost everything you said are my thoughts exactly, especially about how non - traditional rhythm games that RH pioneered are a very unexplored field. I think the good reception of both my games are less my doing and more the fact that there is such a huge scarcity of actual rhythm games with accurate timing. Wish more game developers would explore it!

And yeah I completely forgot about the coin tossing one, truly clever clever people. it's easy to play those games and because theyre so simple, not realise just how genius they are.

And your two suggestions for the game, triplets and offbeata
offbeats, are exactly what I planned to do but didn't have the time in the jam to play with. Looks like we think alike (or maybe those are just the two most obvious things when you think about expanding the mechanics :P)

Havent played frequency, I'm actually quite picky with rhythm games but I'll give it a go. Thanks for the message!